Captain Hollis Grilmester

Captain of the Tulma Guard


Age: 56

An old, grizzled warrior. Built like a bear. His hair is greyed, and his face covered in wrinkles and scars. Never seen out in public without his Granadan Grand Army plate mail on.

Prideful and charismatic.


Not only Captain of the guard, but truly the leader of the city, and has been for many years. He has his hand dipped in all of the cities affairs, and it’s rumored that he takes a large cut of the marketeers’ profits.

His guardforce acts more like a private security firm these days, and he has remained very unwilling to see them hurt. As such, he has taken to hiring freelance adventurers to take care of any work outside of the city. Especially the dirtier work.

He has an elven trophy wife which he supposedly kidnapped from the northern jungles himself. They are reportedly in love.

Captain Hollis Grilmester

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