A Criticism of the Third Law

by Anonymous
Circa O78

“… mindless propaganda. I understand the importance of including the Third Law. The orcs had just beaten our supposedly great nations into a bloody mess, and we needed a way to keep together. This new zen of self business had just been founded, had been proven to work, and the people were lapping it up like crazy. So why not convince them that it was only possible if you listened to exactly what the lawmakers were saying?

The problem, of course, is now it’s been some years, and the orcs have forgotten all about us (too busy killing each other), and the people have become experimental. As it turns out, respecting your neighbor is not a necessity for inner strength. In fact, some would argue that respecting only yourself is the key to truly unlocking the powers of the, well, self. Go figure.

Mark my words: Babineux can not keep this charade going forever. The temple will splinter…"

A Criticism of the Third Law

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