My Encounter with the A'hliri Tribe

by Adel Kadivar

“… held prisoner for days. I was lucky (depending on your definition of the word) to be at the end of the execution list. One by one I was forced to watch my friends and peers suffer prolonged deaths at the hands of these monsters. My captors — their faces were elven, but they were no kindred of mine.

I’ll spare the details of their murder techniques. It was the only thing the A’hliri did with patience. So hasty, they were, they decided to commit these vulgarities right at their temporary camp in the middle of the plains, rather than take us back into the seclusion of the forest. It was this oversight that allowed me to be saved. A regiment from the local guard force of Timbre (a magic-friendly town) had been sent out to find us, and encountered the camp with only about 3 left, including myself. The A’hliri, though fierce warriors, fled.

All this because of our study of magic, of the old ways. My comrades have given up the art forever after this incident – decades of work. But I refuse. I will keep working, to fight back…"

My Encounter with the A'hliri Tribe

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