On The Orc Vanishings

by Afton Wellis

“… and so it has been discussed to death. The Orcs, primed to rule the modern world, just packed up and left? Surely, we’ve examined every possibility of why they would do such a thing at their most pivotal hour, but we refuse to accept the folklore and tales of the orcs we still have here.

The fact of the matter is it wasn’t by orc choice those influential blackbacks left our world. They were called back. I’ve taken it upon myself to interview just as many orcs who would possibly speak to me without weapons, and the consensus is thus:


I know. It is absolutely taboo in our post-magic society to put credence in anything involving the supernatural. But it is time to be realists and accept the possibility. The signs are there. During the Black War, they possessed skills that had never been recorded about their race before. I’ve read plenty of manuscripts by my ancestors describing a dark, unnatural taint amongst the savages. And of course: THE ORCS THEMSELVES ADMIT TO IT!…"

On The Orc Vanishings

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