The First Sermon of Self

by The First High Priest, Amé Babineux

“Magic has done us foul, and so it shall be no more.

Relying on the mystical forces of others, the magic we do not understand, the strength of the outside, has only led to failure and pain for our people, and so it shall be no more.

Strength must come from the inside. From the personal. Manifested from within.

And so it shall be.

  • First, and most importantly, there may be no worship of a higher power. The Self is the most important.
  • Second, upon waking each day, an hour must be spent in dedicated meditation to the Self. This dedication must also be made an hour before rest. Through this dedication our inner power may manifest.
  • Third, one must respect the forces of law and Order. In a world of Chaos, we cannot ever truly attain focus, and will never achieve the nirvana of self might.

Delight in the Self. Respect the self. And the Self will grant you powers the wizards of old could never imagine.

And so it shall be."

The First Sermon of Self

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