Population: 500

Timbre’s notoriety arises from being one of the only magic-friendly cities in the relatively anti-magic southern regions of Volumina.

It has a tight-knit community and is largely self-sufficient. The people grow their own food, and trade their own goods. Outsiders are approached with unease, due to the city’s unpopular footing and the danger that stance brings.

The city’s pro-magic opinion is built largely around the group of mages who operate out of a tower just to the north. The residents offer magical assistance and protection to the villagers of Timbre, and the villagers give the tower supplies and acceptance in return.

The tower, acting as a school and place of study for magicians, has had extremely limited entry ever since an incident in 0227, when a group of elven practitioners were kidnapped by magic hating extremists and killed.


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