Population: 1200

One of the larger human outposts on the southern side of Volumina. Serves as the main base of operations for Granadan’s militant endeavors into the Teri mountain range.

Mainly composed of markets and barracks with a few nobler homes, it is serviced by hamlets to the north to supply it with food and population.

While a mayor has been installed, he mainly serves as a figurehead. Anyone within the city knows Hollis Grilmester, captain of the city’s guard force, is the final word on law and politics within its walls.

In recent years, the city’s military exploits have come to a halt. After numerous losses in the mountains, Captain Grilmester has ordered all but a few soldiers to withdraw. The focus of the city has shifted mainly to its market, of which it is the only human-ran market on the southern end of the continent. This is due mostly to Grilmester’s ban on goblins within the city wall, citing their relation to orcs and suspecting they may be spies for the mountain’s denizens.


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