Why the Teri Region

by Henry Wilcott

“… Many of the people are wondering why we have sent resources and men to the barren ass of the world, the Teri region.

It is true that the area is rife with savage elves and orcs. I cannot contest this. And it is certainly true we can always use more strong leaders like the renowned Captain Hollis Grilmester to lead our efforts in the heartland.

But the Teri region is a new frontier. A wild south. Preliminary prospects have shown the mountains full of valuable minerals. Further, there are signs that the Teri Mountains were the springing point of the dwarven people. Just imagine if we found the very location the dwarves originally came from! It would be a large step for dwarven-human relations.

Finally, there is an orcish presence in the mountain that has been left to fester for a bit too long. Leaving them to their own devices while we focus on other fronts could leave us wide open for attack. The area must be properly scouted.

And these are just some of the wonderful points for the Teri region. Not to mention the beauti…"

Why the Teri Region

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